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Kaplan.  "Language teaching is  more beset by fads than perhaps any other area of education. The 'best' methodology changes at incredibly frequent intervals, depending on which charismatic 'scholar' happens to have drawn attention to him or herself lately." 


A.1    Lesson ideas

A.2    History of language teaching (mostly indebted to Wilfried Decoo of Antwerp and Bingham Young Universties)

A.3    Which language teaching? Fallacies 

A.4    CLIL Is it just "progressive" ideas from 70s 80s         recycled?

        A.5    CLIL some of the problems 

        A.6    CLIL conference Rovereto 19th 20th February. 2011


B.1    Gallery of photos of kits

B.2    Why grammar plays

B.3    Plays 2 presents

B,4    Plays 4 pasts

B.5    Plays some any + quantity

B.      etc


C.1   Why kits.

C.2   kits.  2 presents

C.3   Kits  4 pasts

C.4   Kits  some any quantity 

C     etc  


D.1   Why Shakespeare

D.2   Edited scenes to download

D.3   Shakespeare's metaphor

D.4   13 metaphors from Macbeth

E.1 Anonymous comments One school

E.2  Anonymous comments other schools


Teaching materials and lesson activities with considerations about CLIL. (section A ) can be arrived at pragmatically, by trial and error; "oh, that worked"!, and from such material of our own and of others, a methodology is slowly built up, but more often, in such things as text books or funded projects, we see the influence of an established methodology. My History page (A.2.) is the cemetery of once "new" solutions!!


In this site these are 2 polarities: materials & theory and in the theory  (section A ).there are 2 further polarities; the false paradigm concept "Acquire", (A.4 ).and the  related ideas section A.3 and my own twinning of Grammar with speaking activities (see why grammar plays. Section B and kits materials section C)

The Gallery of photos (B.1 ) is of my speaking kits (mostly card speaking sets for 2 or 4 students at a table), Allied to this are pages of kits, categorised by grammar area, downloading the material of these kits (section Caccompanied by suggested activities, and a numbered set of observations about mistaken ideas in language teaching. (A.3


If a fallacious theory establishes itself, teaching suffers. I believe that language teaching has for 40 years been the prisoner of the wishful concept "A. 4 ) (which is part of the acquire phenomena Against this I set a recovery of Grammar in spoeken activites. (see GRAMMAR PLAYS. B.3 -B 6 ETC acquire" (A.3)  See the page on CLIL

section C is the kits of speaking games and materials arranged by grammar category (TO AID THE MECHANISMS OF "ACQUIRE". DROLL PARADOX!

D section is on Shakespeare in schools.

E Section  is comments from schools after one week intensive courses.  I think they significantly support my criticisms of the norm.