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I believe that only with artifical and NOT natural communication Is there any hope in class of activating that Eldorado of language teaching ACQUIRE. WHAT WE NEED IS FUN ACTIVITIES OF UTTERANCE RATHER THAN "COMMUNICATION". IT IS THIS MYTH OF "REAL" COMMUNICATION THAT LIES BEHIND CLIL   These materials are to be used as games of speaking and remembering. (The important social aspect of tables of 2 and 4 with these materials)

Just as I gave a justification for grammar plays (see "Why grammar plays"), here is the explanation for the format of these kit materials, that although they are categorised by grammar are above all aimed at speaking practic,       


Many of the following pages are the raw material for the more attractive student made kits viewable in the "Gallery".

         At the beginning of these pages you will find some suggested activities. Many of them can be recycled to other pages with a few modifications.

         Many of the activities are for tables of 2 or 4 students, so as to maximise speaking time.

These materials try to save the best of the Communicative approach" by sharpening the content of "conversation" and giving it a ludic form. The same goes for my grammar plays. Together, these suggested activities and the kind of material that they employ, constitutes my obstinate attempt to oppose the facile notions of "acquiring naturally" a foreign language in school, and yet with a droll paradox, I think these materials and activities get much nearer (in unnatural schools) to the mechanisms of "natural acquisition" of L1, n unnatural and time-limited schools, only if we maximise speaking time and by focus (by means of grammar categorisations) allow an intuition of !pattern! =grammar! ! to come about

 My TWO mantra ideas are SPEAKING and PATTERN, and they are best carried in activities of SOCIAL ENJOYMENT. (See the videos of lessons in schools at This site gives you these activity pages and the grammar plays as means to that end.